TRUEFinancial's™ technology platform and wall street experience are solving COMMUNICATIONs PROBLEMS funds face TODAY

Marketing Your Company On Mobile Directly To the People That Matter



Mobile is where your investors are. Why aren’t you?


Why TrueFUND app?

Today investors reach for their mobile device first when it comes to financial information. Mobile websites are a last resort as 89% of investors look at a Native Mobile App versus a Mobile Website. You have their money now give them easier access to the information they desire.


TrueFinancial Know How

With decades of experience in the financial services domain from both the trading and the technology side, TrueFinancial has built the most robust and visible investor solution. Keeping your investors up to date in real time whether a mutual fund, hedge fund, private equity group, venture capital fund, angel fund or asset manager we have solution to fit your business.


Keeping Investors in the Know

Our native mobile technology platform allows  funds and fund managers to have their own bespoke mobile presence providing investors access to fund information, press releases, SEC filings and all of the necessary information regarding the changing investment climate to keeping them happy and on your books.



changing the way you communicate with your audience



Increase your Exposure

Our native mobile platform for funds and fund managers keeps your investors up to date in real-time. A mobile solution will help to gain more exposure by allowing the world to view your information on the devices they use each and every day.  Market directly to the audience that is already engaged and increase your bottom line.



Today the perception of many is much more powerful than the reality of the few. Using our TruePULSE™ technology you can keep your finger on the pulse of the very people who are already engaged with your company.  Understanding what your audience is thinking and how they are feeling can be the difference when making important sales and marketing decisions.


Don’t leave Your Investors Behind Keep them in Real Time

TrueFund ™

Designed by financial services professionals from both the investment and technology sides of the business.  With decades of actual investment management and technology implementation experience, the TrueFinancial founders have built from the bottom up the most robust communications mobile engine available.

TrueFund™ allows both public and private funds to stay in front of their audience, whether current customers or marketing to interested prospects, all in real time.  What better way to disseminate information than directly to the devices your audience is already carrying with them and consuming information on.

Our customized security features and ability to integrate to your internal systems can keep information flowing to only those you wish to receive it.  Not only can your customers log in and view their account information you’re able to push information directly to them allowing you to share new product's and services directly to their mobile device.


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