• 25 years experience in Financial Services Domain
  • Half his career on Wall Street, half in Silicon Valley
  • Built a global Financial Technology company from the ground up
  • Global footprint with offices in seven countries on five continents
  • Restructured business units for largest largest trading education company leading to revenue growth from $36 million to over $125 million

Donovan Lazar began his career in the early 1990's on Wall Street as a cold caller earning his way to becoming a Stock Broker. After about 5 years in New York City Donavan along with 2 other partners opened up their own trading floor and brokerage in Northern California, building it out what became one of the largest trading floors in California with hundreds of millions of dollars of trading volume daily. Donovan was instrumental in building out multiple offices in Los Angeles, New Jersey and Taiwan. While in Silicon Valley Donovan began participating in Venture Deals through the investment banking arm of their company getting his feet wet in technology stat ups and decided at the end of 1999 to go out on his own. Timing was perfect as the equities market crashed Donovan opened his own foreign currency brokerage and education firm later building trading systems for banks and brokerage houses. Bootstrapping this company from $0 to over $10 million in revenues while opening offices in seven countries on 5 continents Donovan sold the company in 2005.

More recently Donovan took a high level position with the largest trading and investing education company in the world. He was brought in to restructure business units and successfully worked in 4 different location increasing top line revenue as much as 400%. His passion for helping people with their financial future and understanding of the markets from a retail and institutional level has led him to teaming up with Namit Bhatia to create some of the most comprehensive mobile apps for investor relations and business communications in the industry. Spending most of his career in the investment sector has given him a keen understanding of how investors want to consume investment information. In his spare time Donovan like to play beach volleyball, skateboard and hang out at the pool.

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