is a B2B company with a native mobile technology platform “TrueNativeTM” changing the way businesses communicate with their Investors, Employees and other important Stakeholders in “Real Time”. We create native apps across all platforms, Apple, Android or Windows for smartphones, tablets and wearables, helping companies connect with, listen to, and instantaneously share investor, sales, marketing, and other critical information in real time with their stakeholders.

True Financials suite of mobile products that include the TrueIR app an investor relations app for publically traded companies. TrueFUND keeping hedge, funds mutual funds, Private Equity firms, venture capital funds and asset managers in touch with their investors in real time. TrueMobiCo our secure platform or ‘Mobile Intranet” keeping your employees in real time and on a level playing field.. TrueILINK that acts as an investor relations portfolio holding all your IR apps in one place with real time communications and news feeds. TrueEVENT for any event or conference needing to keep people apprised of actionable information. TrueIPO app that is designed to keep the retail investor on a level playing field when it comes to Initial Public offerings providing a wealth of knowledge.

Today the world is moving to mobile. Desktops and standalone websites are the way of the past. In order to communicate with your entire audience in real time mobile communications is the only way. Having a native mobile app by TrueFinancial will give your users the best possible experience and because we are comprehensive across all platforms and devices you won't leave anyone out.

Reach out to one of our highly trained Customer Success Representatives and provide TrueFinancial with a high resolution jpeg image of your corporate logo and sign a subscription agreement.  In less than 3 weeks your communications app can be available on Apple’s App Store, Windows Store and Google Play.  Start today by contacting us at

Once we have your high resolution graphics and logo and we have formally signed an agreement the process is less than 3 weeks.

Each company will have the full support of TrueFinancial and our marketing package. While each company that subscribes has a different approach to marketing the app to their audience we have developed a time tested strategy to get maximum exposure no matter the app.
See our marketing page.
We don't provide you with samples or suggestions as our competitors do we walk hand in hand with you and provide you with direct answers to get the job done.

Absolutely, TrueFinancial provides its subscribers with analytics including download statistics and Google Analytics. This information is found in your Content Management System.. As with every service we will have one of our Customer Success Representatives walk you through this in depth.

TureFinancial apps are completely independent from the corporate website.  TrueFinancial apps does NOT require any resources from the company’s web developer or IT department. Our Content Management System takes over all creation.

TrueFinancial design team will use your logos, color schemes and any other graphics you desire to make this as seamless as possible.