As thought leaders and experts on the topics of investor relations and business communications the leadership team of TrueFinancial has developed a number of whitepapers to help people understand the different challenges we face and an objective look at some of the solutions.




Workplace communications is changing daily as more and more employees use mobile devices in their quest for efficiency. This paper discusses mobile in the work place and where it is going.

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Native vs HTML


Native App Vs. HTML5

As more and more companies realize the importance of mobile the question becomes whether to build a native mobile app or have a responsive website in HTML5. The answer is clear and this paper discusses the differences and why native is the only decision.

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Engaged employees are happy employees. Companies today are looking at the impact of engaging their workforce or ore importantly the ramifications when they don’t. This is a $300 billion a year issue that need attention.

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Today investor demand more transparency and information in real time. This paper discusses mobile and how it can impact investor relations today.

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Crisis management is an area that we tend not to focus on. Less than 50% of companies today have any type of crisis management plan. The further an incident whether 911 or a storm get from our daily lives the less we are concerned with a solution for the future. This not only can have an effect on future operation but show a lack of effort to keep employees safe

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