Yes, TrueFinacial is constantly making modification to enhance the user experience based on user feedback. We upgrade our apps on a monthly basis, both technically and aesthetically.

TrueFinancial's Customer Success department will provide you with all updates and upgrades.  Once an update or upgrade becomes available, you will be notified on your mobile device through Apple’s App Store or Google Play. We will also send you an email to schedule a time to discuss any needs and help you deliver the message to your entire audience.

Once an update or upgrade becomes available, those who have downloaded your company’s app will be notified on their mobile device through Apple’s App Store Windows Store or Google Play. All they will need to do is click updates on the App Store, Windows Store or Google Play.  In some instances, some users may elect to have updates occur automatically, in which case they will not have to do anything in order for their app to update.