TrueMobiCo™ is the most comprehensive turnkey mobile intranet for your company.  This app covers all employee communications, including our Employee Safety and Engagement Suite.  Using our "TrueNative™" technology and comprehensive Content Management System you are able to provide your employees the information they need in real time on all devices in a native environment.  This is one of the only apps that not only specializes in corporate communications but has an Emergency Management Syste (EMS) built in.  We cover all  Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.  And yes we have HTML5 as well.  TrueMobiCo is not just an internal communication app but also is a forward facing customer app to promote products and services to the people that already are listening..

Unlike other companies we decided to make sure that 100% of your audience was covered in  native environment not the 9/10th's our competitors give you.   In addition our founding team has more experience bringing information to investors with their decades of Wall Street, Financial Services and Technology backgrounds any other company in the market.

No this is a standalone app independent of your companies networks and systems therefore providing a layer of autonomy from un savory people..  You may use our content management system to securely upload and manage all company information including directories. with an FTP interface.

Create a .CSV file of your current directory and simply upload it through our content management system.  We can also automate this for you using a secure FTP interface for companies that are growing and changing rapidly.

There is no minimum and no maximum.  We have developed a cost effective way for every company to speak to their employees in real time.

No as an employee first downloads TrueMobiCo to their mobile device the system authenticates them.  Each and every time they log into the platform they will be authenticated and therefore let in or kept out.

This depends.  Some companies want to simply speak to their employees and not have a forward facing mobile app for their customers.  Other companies want to have a secure log ib for their employees and also have the app function as a sales and marketing tool.  It is your choice on how you determine the optimal usage.  We always recommend to use the app to help brand your company as well and have a marketing planning division that will help you market your app.

Yes TrueNative™ technology allows you to set up specific groups and make specific content available to only those that you want.

All our apps are built with Google Analytics available

Yes we have tested our security with an independent third party security firm.

Once we have signed an agreement, less than 3 weeks.

Unlike our competition who claim to cover 90% and the other using HTML5 we cover all Apple, Android and Windows Devices.  We also have HTML5 if needed.