TrueIR™ is the most comprehensive turnkey investor relations mobile app powered by TrueNative™ Technology.  This app is available to all publically traded companies worldwide.  The app can be built in any language for all platforms.  It is the only app that specializes in Investor Relations that covers Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.  And yes we have HTML5 as well.  TrueIR is not just an investor relation communications app but also a forward facing customer app to promote products and services to the people that already are listening..

Unlike other companies we decided to make sure that 100% of your audience was covered in  native environment not the 9/10th's our competitors give you.   In addition our founding team has more experience bringing information to investors with their decades of Wall Street, Financial Services and Technology backgrounds any other company in the market.

With about 7 billion mobile devices in use today worldwide and continued growth mobile is taking over the way we communicate.  Mobile communication are becoming the norm.  Today people are consuming more information from a mobile platform,  Studies have show that people want to view and consume information in a native environment and 89% of people view their information on a native mobile app over a mobile website.  It was critical for a company to have IR content on their website at one point and now it is even more critical to have it in a native mobile environment.

The technology is the most comprehensive and advanced in the space today.  While other claim to reach 90% of the audience you seek we reach 100%.  Why would anyone want to leave out 10% of their investors from the conversation.  TrueIR works on all Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices something other simply cannot say.  TrueIR was created by  Wall Street  and Financial Services professionals who have built many customer centric businesses for investors.  They understand the importance of information and how it should be consumed by investors.  Coming from the business they also understand what and why it is important from the companies perspective.  Having dealt with investors from a money management and customer service standpoint there is now one who has a more embedded understanding of what an investor wants and needs.

TrueIR is a turnkey solution using TrueNative technology and does not require any independent developers.  TrueIR is a native technology covering all platforms therefore reaching all of your audience.  We also have HTM5 as well.  Other web development companies build pages for your website and while they are responsive and can be seen on a mobile device they lose much of their flavor.  They look poor, hard to navigate and today almost 90% of your audience is telling you they want a native app versus HTML5.

Once again we don't understand why anyone would claim to be good for 9/10th of the audience that needs to consume this information.  We are 100% comprehensive and will continue to build on additional platforms.

No TrueIR is completely independent and require no independent developers for any type of development.

Once an agreement is in place we will need to have high resolution images and your ticker symbol.  In 2-3 weeks you will have a fully working mobile solution.