Technical questions

No. TrueFinancial is independent from the corporate website.  TrueFinancial app does NOT require any involvement from a company’s web developer or IT department. When a company subscribes to TrueFinancial, they receive a cloud based content management system (CMS). this tool is what they will use to make any changes and add any information to the app.

No. TrueFinancial operates on a cloud hosting provider

TrueFinancial is a native app that resides on the actual mobile device and takes full advantage of the operating system of the device.  Unlike HTML5, responsive design versions of websites, there is no need to type in a website URL into a mobile device browser.  All that is required to launch TrueFinancial is one touch of an TrueFinancial icon.

The primary difference is that an HTML5 app is delivered through a browser on your mobile device, whereas a native app is installed directly on the device, takes advantage of the operating system of the device and therefore requires only touching the app rather than having to input a website URL.
Following are key advantages of native apps over HTML5:
- Available on Apple’s App Store, Windows Store and Google Play.
- Push notifications are only available on native apps and are therefore in real time
- Natural user-familiar integration with device functions like email and social sharing cannot be replicated with HTML 5.
- Native app navigation, such as swipe gestures and movement can be achieved, but are not yet perfected with HTML 5.
- A decent internet connection is required to load a HTML 5 website. Native apps have the ability to download a smaller dataset, along with offline viewing.
- Unlike native apps which now number in the millions, the standards for HTML5 apps are not yet fully defined.