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Early Stage Investors Slow Down While StartUps Seek Funding

While not dormant there is a slowdown in the world of Seed and Series A investments. Early stage investors have slowed down pushing startups to seek funding elsewhere or simply fade.  Based on the numbers, investors invested $1.95 billion into early-stage startups across approximately 115 deals in the second quarter. In the third quarter we saw...
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Angels and Devils Among Us – The Game of Funding Your StartUp

Raising money is never an easy task and most of the time is the difference when it comes to success and failure.  Not so long ago you had only a handful of ways to raise money.
  1. Bootstrapped - self-funded
  2. Friends and Family
  3. Angel Investors
  4. Venture Capitalist
[mailmunch-form id="74650"] Today there are more ways than ever to achieve your fundraising needs.  While...
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