What is the barbell effect? And Why does it Matter?

For many people, this is a term they use at the gym.  In the venture industry, it is a metaphor for the many individuals and ...

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Early Stage Investors Slow Down While StartUps Seek Funding

While not dormant there is a slowdown in the world of Seed and Series A investments. Early stage investors have slowed down pushing startups to ...

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Unicorns are killing off early Stage Investments

[tweet_box design="box_4"]Unicorns are killing the early stage market as well as putting a damper on the IPO market.  The number of private tech companies valued ...

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Unicorn’s Today are Simply Horses With A Horn Stapled To Their Heads

A unicorn used to be such an impressive and unique moniker.  today they are a dime a dozen and in no way unique.  These are ...

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