About Us

What Makes Us Tick

Who We areGlobal Communication

We are a team with unparalleled experience in the financial services and business communications  domain.

What got us here

Not long in the past while in pursuit of better ways to communicate with our own investors and employees we could not find  what we thought was a complete solution.

What is out there

While there are many forms of investor relations and business communications out there, nothing was comprehensive.  Not one that allowed real time conversations and information to be pushed out to everyone regardless of where they are in the world.  The landscape is typical of app makers who will make an app for anyone or by the specialist who lack the ability or technology to cross all platforms, Apple, Android and yes Windows.

What makes us special

We are not only specialists in these domains, we have also developed the technology to reach everyone not just Apple and Android users.  Why stop short at 90%. Isn't everyone just as important? We believe they are.

Why We Rock

Easy Integration for every company

The True Financial Mobile Platform makes it simple to keep all your employees, investors and other important stakeholders connected

Customizable to your needs not ours

Our innovative technology platform allows you to integrate the information and capabilities you need to stay relevant and in front of information in today's connected world.

Comprehensive keeping you in front of 100% of your audience

While many of our brethren do not give you access to all mobile platforms therefore leaving you with 9/10th coverage we run across all mobile platforms and devices.


  • Donovan Lazar
    25 years experience in Financial Services Domain Half his career on Wall Street, half in Silicon Valley Built a global Financial Technology company from the ground up Global footprint with offices in seven countries on five continents Restructured business units for largest largest trading education company leading to revenue growth from $36 million to over $125 million Donovan Lazar began Continue Reading...
  • Namit Bhatia
    12+ years of experience building startups 10 Years in Financial Services launched three separate technology oriented businesses building, hiring and managing over 140 global developers founded another mobile start up average growth of 300% a year, serving 100’s of schools and districts nationally and internationally. Namit Bhatia earned his undergraduate degree in computer science from Georgia Tech and his MBA Continue Reading...

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